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Distraction Thefts in Supermarket Car Parks

Distraction Thefts in Supermarket car parks

Thieves are operating in supermarket car parks by approaching unaccompanied women to tell them that damage has been caused to the rear of their car. When going to check, someone then removes handbags or purses from the front passenger seat and uses debit card to steal cash from ATMs. Please take the following steps to prevent this crime:

• Cover your PIN when using your card

• If you feel you are being watched or that someone is acting suspiciously inform the store security or customer service desk

• Check your car for damage prior to driving away so that you are aware of the condition of your car

• Once in your car, ensure the doors are locked and windows closed

• If someone knocks on your car window to speak to you, do not open your window or get out of your car. Either pick up your mobile phone to give the impression you are calling for help, or start the car to slowly drive away.

• If you feel scared or threatened call the Police on 101.

Posted: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 09:50 by Vicky Smith

Tags: Police Alert