Neighbour Watch advice re Telephone Scams

The following report of a potential telephone scam to an elderly person has come to our attention.

A very persistent person, wanting various information, including the make of her TV, mums name etc, obviously keeping her on the phone trying to get any clues they could to get her password for her bank account. He actually asked her for her pin or part of her card number. He kept her talking for ages but thankfully she didn't give anything away. The next day a really 'lovely' man, same phone number, apologised for his colleagues horrid way of speaking to her, but tried to get her pin and bank account details from her, she put the phone down - Bad cop, good cop!! She's really scared and thinks they are watching her as they knew her address and postcode. The Number used is a untraceable number.

This person did exactly the right thing in not giving any details, please make sure to tell any elderly relatives or neighbours do not give out any details over the phone or anyone calling at the door.

The Police, Banking, Energy, etc companies will never call you asking for this information.

What you can do

If a caller at the door, call 999 as this is a crime in progress.

On landline phones, contact your provider about call blocker.

Report any scam attempts to Action Fraud tel:03001232040

for more advice goto Scams | Neighbourhood Watch Network (

Posted: Tue, 08 Mar 2022 14:16 by Vicky Smith

Tags: Police Alert