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Crime Prevention in the Home

For crime prevention about protecting your home and property, visit http://www.northants.police.uk/#!/CrimePrevention

Look at your home as a burglar would – if you were locked out, how would you get in?

This will help to identify where home security is needed or could be improved.

Doors and windows

• Ensure external doors of the house are in good condition. Keep them

locked even when at home

• Close and lock windows when at home and before going out

• Buildings that are part of your home such as garages, conservatories

and sheds should be securely locked at all times


• Keep all keys stored away from letterboxes, pet flaps, doors and


• Don't leave spare keys outside, or in garages or sheds

• Don't label keys so they can be easily identified

• Store keys in a safe place, away from view

• Don't leave keys in doors or windows when away from home


• External: Consider lighting which provides a continuous low white

light in hours of dusk to dawn

• Position lights near to doors and out of reach

• Internal: Give the impression the house is occupied when out by

leaving lights on in rooms both upstairs and downstairs

• When away, use timer switches to control internal lighting in various


How to...

Protect your



• Remove valuable items from open view and away from windows

and doors

• Photograph and record details of valuable items, include serial


• Consider marking items with an approved product or a UV

permanent pen

• Include valuable items on home insurance


• Fencing: At the sides and rear a fence of 1.8 meter minimum

height is recommended

• At the front, keep boundaries low to a maximum of 1 meter

height to provide visibility of the house and no hiding cover for

potential burglars

• Hedging: Thorny hedging acts as a powerful natural barrier,

maintain to recommended fencing heights

• Wheelie bins: Remove or secure wheelie bins, these can be used

as climbing aids


• Use an alarm already installed, or consider installing one

Further information

• Alarms - Accredited installers are listed on www.nsi.org.uk

and www.ssaib.org

• Locks and security products - Secured By Design is the national

crime prevention initiative operated by the police service of

the United Kingdom. Find information and details of tested and

approved products on the Secured by Design website,


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