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Gangs - Spot the Signs and Save Lives

You might have noticed someone you know behaving differently recently. Most people don't commit crimes or get involved in gangs but it's important to be aware of the signs that someone you know might be.

These can include…

• Not hanging around with their usual friends

• Coming home late or staying out more than usual

• Being secretive and withdrawn

• Hanging around with different people

• Having unexplained injuries

• Taking drugs

• Carrying weapons

• Skipping school

• Talking differently – for example using new slang words

• Suddenly has a lots of money and can afford expensive things like phones and watches

• Is wearing different and more expensive clothes

Knife crime – Did you know? The vast majority of people don't carry knives and carrying one does not make your child safer.

Ask yourself: Is your child carrying a knife? Would you know if a knife was missing from your house. Count your knives and regularly check to make sure none are missing.

• Carrying a knife in a public place can result in a maximum prison sentence of four years and there is a minimum sentence of six months for carrying one more than once

• Getting a criminal record can affect the rest of your child's life, from job prospects to travelling to certain countries.

• People who use a knife to injure someone face long prison sentences - ultimately life sentences for murder and in some Section 18 GBH offences.

Don't let your child throw away their future because of knife crime.

Posted: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 10:02 by Vicky Smith

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