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Garden Safety and Peace of Mind Whilst You Are Away

Garden Safety
There are lots of hazards in the garden area that could catch fire, particularly during the summer months.
Criminals often will not go equipped to break into properties, particularly if known to police. Understanding how criminals think will help you be better prepared to keep your garden and personal belongings within the garden area more secure.
Garden boundaries
The first line of defence against a burglar is the garden boundary. Whether a low brick wall with a gate at the front of the property or a higher structure to the rear, the garden boundary clearly indicates that the space behind it is private.
A well maintained fence or wall will enhance the appearance of a property whilst one which is broken down or badly maintained can indicate a general lack of security which will invite a burglar in.
Front garden boundaries should be no higher than 1 metre (3' 3"). This allows passers-by to look into the garden and prevents intruders working unseen at the front of the house. A higher front wall or fence will require planning permission if it abuts the highway. Contact your local planning authority for more information.
To prevent people from sitting on a low garden wall, consider topping it with a low railing positioned towards the outer edge.
Rear garden boundaries are usually 1.8 metres (6') high. This is usually sufficient providing that the boundary does not abut open space, a footpath or alleyway. If this is the case consider increasing the height to 2 metres (6' 6") or top the fence or wall with diamond trellis.
Fences higher than 2 metres (6' 6") will require planning permission. Where a fence or wall abuts accessible open land, consider growing thorny or prickly plants on either side of the boundary. Permission will be required to plant on land owned by others. Fences or walls can be protected from graffiti by growing climbing plants over them.

Peace of Mind While You're Away
Everyone enjoys a holiday, but you want to come home and find everything as you left it. Almost half of all burglaries happen when a flat or house is empty, so use these tips to keep your home secure while you're away.
Make it look like your home is occupied
 Don't close your curtains – in daytime this shows the house is empty. Think about getting automatic time-switches to turn your lights on when it goes dark
 Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries so they can't stack up and show you're not there
 Cut the lawn before you go and trim back any plants that burglars could hide behind
 Ask a trusted family member, friend or neighbour to look after your home and make it look like someone is living there. They can collect your mail, open and close the curtains, switch on lights, and even mow your lawn or park on your drive
 Don't label any keys you leave with your house number, address or name
Simple security precautions
 Fit mortise locks or bolts to all outside doors, and locks to all downstairs or easily accessible windows
 Don't leave valuables like your TV, music or gaming systems, laptop or tablet where they can be seen through windows
 Mark valuable items with your postcode and house number using an 'invisible' security marker. If your property is stolen and recovered, this will help the police to identify and return it to you, and could also provide them with evidence to convict the people responsible
 Make sure you have up-to-date contents insurance
 Put all your tools away so they cannot be used to break into your house and lock the garage and shed with proper security locks. If you have to leave a ladder out, put it on its side and lock it to a secure fixture with a 'close shackle' padlock or heavy-duty chain

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