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Monthly Report from Our County Councillor

Monthly Council Report November 2019
Earls Barton Division Northamptonshire County Council

Cllr Rob Gough

Welcome to my report for November 2019

This report would have been rather quiet this month. However, we have now had a General election called which means it is going to be a rather eventful month looking forward.
I will certainly be out and about knocking on doors for the election. But I will not be turning these reports into party political broadcasts, and will keep to updating you on the latest goings on at county hall.

Information for the General election

Some important information for everyone regarding the General Election. As you will likely know, this will be taking place on Thursday 12th December.

The deadline to register to vote will be midnight on Tuesday 26th November. You can find out whether you are registered to vote here.

The deadline to register for a postal vote is also Tuesday 26th November. You can download the form to apply for this here.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday 4th December. You can download the form here.

Unitary Update

The Structural change order to change the existing district, boroughs and County Council into the two new Unitary Authorities has now been laid before Parliament. Whether or not the order is dealt with before parliament dissolves is not certain.

However, whether this order is dealt with before or after the election, it should ensure that the process of creating the new Unitary Authorities will go ahead, with elections for it in May 2020. You can read all about the change order here.

Duelling of a small portion of A509

DB Symmetry have submitted their detailed application for the duelling of a small 1km stretch of the A509 to supplement their development north of Isham. I am aware that there are some particularly robust views about this development in Isham.

As it will affect thousands of people who use the route every day, I wanted to make sure the application was widely share so that everyone has an opportunity to comment on it. The application number is KET/2019/0666, and you can view and comment on it here.

Last date of Brown Bin collections for Wellingborough

Wellingborough Norse have released their waste collection calendar for 2019/20.

The last Brown Bin collections for this year will be between 12th and 22nd November. Below is also details of the Christmas arrangements for bin collections this year.

Posted: Mon, 04 Nov 2019 09:39 by Vicky Smith

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