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Wilby Parish Council provides many but not all of our local services and we work to make Wilby a more enjoyable, safer and happy place to live, work and play.

You'll see that our website includes information about how we conduct business and what we do for the community. The Parish Council is made up largely of volunteers, supported by the Unitary Council who want to help make Wilby the best village it can be, for all of us.

Use the search facility (above right), or browse the site to find what you are looking for. If you can't find the information you want then please contact us and we'll do ourt best to answer your questions.

Latest News

New Flare Report app to make women and girls feel safer in Northamptonshire

A new, free smartphone app – Flare Report – has been launched to help women and girls feel and be safer on the streets of Northamptonshire.

Women and girls can use it to report incidents and behaviour that are inappropriate and make them feel unsafe, such as cat-calling, comments or touching, street harassment or other threatening behaviour.

Flare is not for reporting crimes in progress that need an immediate response, but Police will check reports every day to make sure that nothing that needs an urgent response has been submitted. More »

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold has brought the app to the county and hopes that reports made on Flare will help to build a clearer picture of where incidents are happening and give women the confidence to report things that might otherwise go unreported.

Stephen Mold said: "We know anecdotally that many women and girls simply would not report incidents like cat-calling, street harassment or even unwanted touching to Police, either because they are embarrassed, or they don't think it will be taken seriously.

"We can't live in a community where women accept that harassment is just something that happens to everyone, we must call it out. Flare Report is the mechanism for doing that."

The app can be installed on your phone here, by searching for 'Flare Reporting' on Google Play or Apple Store, or by scanning the QR code below.

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Posted: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 15:08 by Vicky Smith

Crime Prevention - Look after your vehicle registration plate

There have been reported thefts of vehicle number plates on Wellingborough, please read the below advice to help protect your vehicle.

Protect your Vehicle and Number Plate Vehicle crime, including the theft of and the theft of items from them, is falling nationally, but it's important your vehicle isn't an easy target for criminals. Most vehicle crime is preventable. Protect your car or van with the following advice:  More »

Before you get out of your vehicle, check nothing's left out on seats, the dash, console, door pockets or in footwells. Even clothing or loose change can be enough for a thief to risk breaking in. If you can't remove items, lock them in the boot or a vehicle safe

 Close all windows and sunroofs, and wipe away suction marks left by sat nav or phone holders as these may tempt thieves to break in to see if the device is still in the car. Put phone charging leads away for the same reason

 If your car has remote locking, always physically check the doors have locked before you leave it. Criminals nearby can use a jamming device to block the remote signal, leaving the car unlocked so they can get in once you have left 

Never leave your engine running when you leave your vehicle, even if you'll only be gone a minute. Cars are commonly stolen at supermarkets, petrol stations, fast food outlets, or when left running on driveways to warm up on cold mornings

 Don't leave important documents such as bank statements, credit card bills, statements or other personal information in your vehicle. Thieves can use this information to steal your identity and access your bank and credit card accounts

 Don't leave your driving licence or registration documents in your vehicle.

 These could help a thief sell or dispose of it  Consider having the vehicle identification number (VIN) etched onto windows to make your vehicle less attractive to thieves. VIN etching also makes vehicles easier to trace and recover if they are stolen Key security

 Never leave your keys in the vehicle, even for a second, or hide a second set of keys in your car. Extra keys can easily be found by an experienced thief  At home, keep all keys out of sight and reach of letterboxes, pet flaps and downstairs doors and windows, so thieves can't use a wire or grasp hook to reach them in order to steal your vehicle Parking safety

 Where you park matters – most car crime occurs on the street. If you park in daylight and will be leaving your car until evening or overnight, consider how the area may look in the dark – aim to park somewhere which will be well-lit and busy

 Out and about, avoid parking in unattended areas or car parks with a history of thefts or break-ins. Try to use car parks with Park Mark status, which means they meet police-approved security standards - www.parkmark.co.uk

 Parking with your wheels turned towards the kerb makes your car tough to tow away - if you're parked in a narrow street just make sure the outside wheel edge isn't sticking out so as to restrict access. Wheels should also be turned to the side in car parks and driveways

 If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, back onto your driveway. Front-wheel drive vehicles should be parked front-end first. On four-wheel drive vehicles, the rear wheels sometimes lock, making your car difficult to tow away

 Always use your handbrake when parking. Leave automatic transmissions in park, and manual transmissions in gear. As well as ensuring safety, it makes your car much harder to tow away

 If you have a garage, use it. Nearly 50% of all car crime occurs right outside the house. By locking the garage and the car doors, the chances of deterring a theft greatly improve  If your vehicle doesn't already have one, fit an alarm and immobiliser.

 This is an effective way of deterring criminals. A Thatcham-compliant immobiliser or steering lock can help secure older vehicles. If you rarely use a vehicle, consider a tyre or wheel lock Number plate security Thousands of number plates are stolen across the country each year, allowing criminals to avoid speeding and parking fines and congestion charges, as well as steal fuel and disguise stolen vehicles. The following advice will help protect your number plates:

 Park your car in a garage at night, or park to prevent access to either front or rear number plate

 Park in a secure public car park – look for one with Park Mark status at www.parkmark.co.uk

 If parking on a public road, park in a well-lit spot  Use theft resistant number plates which are designed to break apart if they are forcibly removed

 Fit tamper-proof security screws, available from high street car accessory stores. These simple anti-theft devices can be easily fitted in place of existing screws but cannot be removed using standard tools

 If you notice a car with different number plates on the front and the back, or with the number plate missing, call police on the non-emergency

 number 101 To speak to our crime prevention team about protecting your vehicle and number plate email crimeprevention@northants.pnn.police.uk

| Message Sent By
Donna Fenner
(Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NW4 Wellingborough)

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Posted: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 09:19 by Vicky Smith

Protect Yourself From Robbery

Northamptonshire is committed to making this county as safe a place to live as possible.

In an ideal world, we would not have to issue crime prevention advice, however unfortunately, there are people out there who would look to steal personal belongings in a robbery.

Please read the information below as it will give you guidance on how to stay safe and give you the best chance of not becoming a victim of this type of crime. More »

If you are robbed, as well speaking to the police, please access support from Voice – a charity which helps victims of crime. Don't underestimate how you feel. Being robbed is a horrible experience and these services exist to help and support.

Voice Northants | Voice for Victims & Witnesses www.voicenorthants.org

Look confident

  • You are less likely to be targeted if you look confident. Move with purpose and try to be aware of your surroundings

Know where you're going

  • Plan your route and think about what to take with you, especially if you're going somewhere you haven't been before
  • Keep to busy, well-lit streets, walkways and paths which are more likely to be covered by CCTV
  • Only take licensed taxis or minicabs booked by phone or a mobile phone app
  • Walk with friends or take a taxi if you can

Hide it

  • Keep your mobile phone and valuables out of sight. If you're using your phone it's more likely to be snatched from your hand as you're not paying attention to your surroundings, so look around you
  • Never leave a mobile phone, any other device, wallet or purse on the table of a café, pub or restaurant, and don't hang your handbag on the back of a chair
  • High value jewellery could be a target, so keep it covered when walking down the street

When out and about

  • If you think you are being followed, cross the road, head for a shop or busy place and call the police
  • If an offender demands your bag or tries to grab it, throw it away from them to create some space, then run away
  • Remember – belongings can be replaced, you can't

What to do if you're a victim of crime

  • Always report it to the police – we may be able to recover your possessions and stop the offender from attacking someone else
  • Call your bank and credit company as soon as possible to get any cards cancelled

Download the street safe app and visit the website for more information https://www.police.uk/streetsafe

In an emergency, call 999

For non emergencies call 101

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Posted: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 15:26 by Vicky Smith